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"CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS landed first in the New World at the island of San Salvador, and after praising God enquired urgently for gold. The natives, Red Indians, were peace­ able and friendly and directed him to Haiti, a large island (nearly as large as Ireland), rich, they said, in the yellow metal. He sailed to Haiti. One of his ships being wrecked, the Haitian Indians helped him so willingly that very little was lost and of the articles which they brought on shore not one was stolen.

The Spaniards, the most advanced Europeans of their day, annexed the island, called it Hispaniola, and took the backward natives under their protection. They introduced Christianity, forced labour in mines, murder, rape, blood­ hounds, strange diseases, and artificial famine (by the de­struction of cultivation to starve the rebellious). These and other requirements of the higher civilisation reduced the native population from an estimated half-a-milIion, perhaps a million, to 60,000 in 15 years.

Las Casas, a Dominican priest with a conscience, trav­elled to Spain to plead for the abolition of native slavery. But without coercion of the natives how could the colony exist? All the natives received as wages was Christianity and they could be good Christians without working in the mines.

The Spanish Government compromised. It abolished the repartimientos, or forced labour, in law while its agents in the colony maintained it in fact, Las Casas, haunted at the prospect of seeing before his eyes the total destruction of a population within one generation, hit on the expedient of importing the more robust Negroes from a populous Africa; in 1517, Charles V. authorised the export of 15,000 slaves to San Domingo, and thus priest and King launched on the world the American slave-trade and slavery.

CLR James, The Black Jacobins [x] (via zombiethots)

(Source: decolonizingmedia, via zombiethots)

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