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Adrian & Ray, Made In America

Adrian Peterson’s alleged child abuse and Ray Rice’s actions against his now wife made me think about these events and I wondered what made each of these men do what they did, and it wasn’t ‘gansta rap.’  Nope, these men and their actions were Made in America.

Both of these men are NFL players and Football is easily America’s most popular sport, so these incidents are getting tremendous coverage.  But let us not forget the broader issue of violence meted out against U.S citizens in the name of policing, specifically the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the subsequent deployment of sonar weapons against the protestors.  Did the officer lose his temper or his adrenaline rush makes him kill Michael Brown?  

Does a trained policeman need to punch a non-threatening 49 year old woman more than 10 times? ( Do you think the policeman lost his temper the same way Ray Rice did?  They both lost their jobs, but surely the police union will get that officer’s job back.  Does America have a history of violence and does the conversation of treatment of violent behavior need to happen?  Emphatically, yes!

Made in America?  Yes.  A few days ago I watched a movie called “Autumn Leaves” (1956) on get.TV and the male character slapped his wife (Joan Crawford) a few times.  He slapped her as if it was normal.  A quick google show no shortage of finding male roles such as John Wayne slapping women in movies.  This is what Americans emulate.

I can guarantee you Adrian’s father whipped him and his grandfather whipped his dad, and so on.  Where did they learn this behavior?  Their forefathers where whipped by much worse than a tree ‘switch!’  America the brave, can we talk about this?  No, it’s easier to say a few high paid athletes are disgraceful, but if little Johnny shoots up his school, bring out experts to say what a terrible past little Johnny had, and blah, blah, blah.

According to, football was created in America by modifying rugby brought from London (1869).  As far as we are concerned it was Made in America.  Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice’s behavior was Made in America, so let’s talk about the root of the problem with objectionable dialogue, because this behavior is definitely not unique to these football players or rogue cops; it is an American problem, Made in America.

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